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The Capital Campaign Committee: 

For the Preservation of Manchester Affordable Housing.

The Capital Campaign Committee for the Preservation of Manchester Affordable Housing was formed in February 2021. 

It has a single purpose: to raise funds to allow North Shore Community Development Coalition (NSCDC) to complete its purchase of 1-3 Powder House Lane, an affordable housing complex at the end of Elm Street in Manchester.

Pledge now, send a check later.  You can make a pledge by:

  • completing the pledge form online

  • emailing a scanned copy of the pledge form to Leslie Hammond at

  • mailing a copy of the pledge form to Leslie Hammond, 10 Brookwood Road, Manchester, MA 01944.


Thank you for all your generous pledges.  All pledges received after noon on Monday, April 5th, will be earmarked for North Shore CDC’s future work in Manchester, after the successful completion of this capital campaign.  We are so grateful for all your generous support.

Please contact Campaign Chair Leslie Hammond with any questions:

* Please note, while an independent entity, The Capital Campaign 

Committee does not have a website.  It has requested that CIMAH provide space on its website for this pledge form.

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