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The Capital Campaign Committee

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Meeting our community's needs, together.

As citizens, we are committed to the principles embodied in Manchester's Housing Production Plan and in the vision of the Manchester Affordable Housing Trust. We hope to enhance our vibrant community, address its true needs for affordable housing, and pose neither environmental nor economic harm to the Town.

With these purposes in mind, we wish to support the purchase by North Shore Community Development Coalition (NSCDC) of 1-3 Powder House Lane, a 29-Unit affordable multifamily complex in the heart of Manchester. Subject to due diligence, NSCDC expects to close on this purchase by mid-May and to preserve these units in perpetuity as affordable by placing them on the State’s Subsidized Housing Inventory (SHI). Gifts towards this transaction will be earmarked specifically for this project. Donations will be fully tax-deductible because granted to a valid 501c3.

This preservation of affordable housing can occur only through teamwork all over our Town. This form manifests my intention to join this team, helping to effectuate this purchase and strengthen our Town. I understand that the purchase is subject to due diligence and may close as early as Friday, April 9th or as late as Friday, May 14th. I will exercise my best efforts to convert this pledge to a gift of cash and/or securities within two (2) business days of notice prior to the closing. Last, I acknowledge that NSCDC will exercise its best efforts in the Department of Housing and Community Development’s consideration of the placement of the Powder House Lane buildings on the SHI, but that NSCDC cannot guarantee the timing of such placement.

Unless otherwise indicated below, all donors will be listed in a future public acknowledgement that will not reflect the size of any donation. Please indicate below if you wish your donation to be anonymous, and/or in memory or in honor of any person(s). Thank you so much.

Thank you for all your generous pledges.  All pledges received after noon on Monday, April 5th, will be earmarked for North Shore CDC’s future work in Manchester, after the successful completion of this capital campaign.  We are so grateful for all your generous support.

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