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Affordable Housing Matters

The Citizens' Initiative is committed to incorporating more affordable housing to enhance our vibrant community. 

Catalyzing affordable housing is central to CIMAH's mission.  

We support the need for families to have access to affordable housing.  Families find better health, more financial independence, and stability when they have housing that meets their economic circumstances.  Studies prove that diverse, inclusive towns are stronger towns.  Housing for people of all incomes is an important part of strengthening our Town.  

NSCDC's purchase of 1-3 Powder House Lane preserves naturally occurring affordable housing.  

At the introduction of CIMAH, The North Shore Community Development Coalition (NSCDC) agreed to purchase 29 existing rental units located right in Manchester’s downtown.  The multifamily complex is composed of five buildings constructed between 1965 and 1972.  They contain two studio units, 13 1-BR units and 14 2-BR units.  Rents for these units are in a range considered affordable by state standards.  NSCDC is a widely respected non-profit developer with 40 years of experience, and has developed 400 apartment units across the North Shore.  Based in Salem, it is a mission-based 501c3 organization dedicated to serving low- and moderate-income residents.  

Manchester citizens banded together to make this happen.


The Capital Campaign Committee for the Preservation of Manchester Affordable Housing invited all Manchester residents to contribute to this effort.  In two weeks, 250+ families came together to raise $1.25 mm of the equity needed for NSCDC to close on the property.  Donors supported the project via gifts to Manchester Affordable Housing Trust (MAHT) and donations to NSCDC directly.  


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