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Petition II - March 14

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To the Selectmen of Manchester:

We, the undersigned citizens of Manchester, request that you pause your negotiations with Strategic Land Ventures (“SLV”) to analyze thoroughly the significantly modified plan that SLV recently submitted to develop the parcel recorded as #43 0 18.  We believe that the Selectmen cannot act in the best interests of the Town without prudent due diligence on the new plan.  Of particular note, the new plan includes a significantly modified access road – which the notes do not mention.  The new road design requires the same review that the Selectmen obtained on the original proposal.   Careful analysis of that change, and of the new sidewalk, is essential to determine whether the new design will necessitate more blasting uphill or more fill downhill. It is unclear what other changes may be included in this new plan.  What is clear is that the Selectmen must not proceed until they understand the scope and repercussions of these modifications.  


We ask the Selectmen to consider the specific impact of the modified road design on:


  • Safety; 

  • Accessibility; and

  • Environment.


When asked whether the law requires that the Selectmen consider public safety in your deciding whether to issue a Letter of Endorsement for this project, our Town counsel stated, “Categorically, the answer is yes.”  Safety, accessibility, and environment were critical points in your assessment of SLV’s initial plan; these factors must not and cannot be relegated to a later stage of this process with the Zoning Board of Appeals.  


We urgently request that you, our Selectmen, perform the same due diligence on this new plan that you performed previously, and continue to exercise your responsibilities as leaders of our Town. 

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